Our Rituals

Company Retreats

A company retreat is when we get most, if not the entire team together in one physical location for a week at a time. We try to do this at least once a year. Ideally, the location is somewhere that we can all enjoy, be it tropical or mountainous, the location should instill a sense of inspiration and bring the team closer together through shared experiences.

Full-time employees are expected to attend these meetups as they’re a crucial time for us all to converge and get on the same page, while also being a starting point for many future initiatives. We understand if there’s a pre-scheduled conflict, and we recognize that these meetups can be exhausting (and exhilarating), but we ask that all efforts be made to attend.

Part-time employees are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Individual Meetups

Since we’re spread all over the world we encourage all crew members to connect in person whenever paths cross. Do not be afraid to reach out and propose a meetup should you be in another member’s territory.