What’s Important To Us

Putting family first

A good work/life balance is crucial to health and happiness and so we aim to improve that balance in everything we do. From a 4-day work week to retirement savings and health insurance. We believe giving priority to family will produce better more meaningful work at Autotroph.

Building a company we all want to work for

We donโ€™t subscribe to it will pay off in the end: working your arse off for 40 years in hopes to enjoy life when you retire. Instead, we believe one can enjoy life now with family and friends while continuing to take on interesting and challenging work.

Each of us at Autotroph has a substantial influence on our companyโ€™s culture, our products, failures, successes, and general fulfillment in what we do.

Working on things that matter

While not everything we do will always be fun, our goal is to improve both our customers lives and our own through the work we do. This includes providing platforms for independent success, culturing art and happiness, and overall simply working on things that bring each of us joy.

Empowering individual success

While we feel Autotroph is a place where you can hang your hat for a long term career, our goal is to help each employee grow personally and professionally. Through open communication of your aspirations, whether those are with Autotroph, or preparing you for the next chapter.

Obsessed with improvement

It’s a goal of ours to constantly improve, in all facets. Be it improving our work habits or our technical tools, our workflow processes or our skills, or our range of perspectives and team diversity. Our aim is to never stop improving and to recognize where we have room to grow.

Living where we choose

Thanks to the digital domain, our work is remote and our customers come from every country on earth. There’s no reason to force all employees to live in a single area and so we actively encourage everyone to seek out the place (or places) that makes them happy. This is made possible through dedicated, open communication within the team.

We will never require re-location for the sake of a job.