Who Does What

Autotroph is a small team and that’s how we like it! This means we all wear a lot of different hats, but from a high-level here is our company structure and key responsibilities.

Note, this list covers primary responsibilities only. Everyone below does more than listed, but their primary focus specified.


Pat Karon is primarily responsible for peopleโ€™s ops. Pat works with Wes and Jonathan to manage day-to-day operations of the company; human resources, benefits, and event planning. Pat is the best person to tap first if you have a benefits question.


We have two Executives on the Autotroph Team

Wes Burke is our Managing Director and works closely with our Director to oversee the business as a whole. He is principally responsible for setting the overall direction and organization of the company. Wes spends a lot of his time talking with the team and keeping a pulse on industry trends. He was the creator of CG Cookie back in 2008.

Jonathan Williamson is our Director and works with the Managing Director on the overall business with a key focus on all financial matters. He helps the team work more effectively, efficiently and happily.

Jonathan has been working with Wes since 2008 and became a partner of CG Cookie in 2010.

Education Team

The Education Team works on creating new training material for CG Cookie while engaging with the community. Wes Burke is the department lead and works with Kent Trammell, Jonathan Lampel, Wayne Dixon and a handful of contractors. Amber Kelly manages the content production pipeline.

Consulting Team

The newest addition to Autotroph, this team led by Jason van Gumster and working closely with Jonathan Williamson, offers consulting to studios and enterprise-level companies in their use and adoption of Blender.

Product and Engineering

Directed by Kyle Maurer, the Product team is responsible for the maintenance and continued development of the platforms powering each of our brands. Rom Robotnik and Raquel Fraktas are both full time developers contributing directly to our custom applications.

Support and Community

Amber Kelly is the Director of the Support & Community team. Her department is responsible for all direct interactions with our customers, members, and creators. Her team consists of Matthew Muldoon, Ryan Berger, and Ellie MacQueen.


The Marketing team is led by Jason van Gumster with contributions from Pavla Karon. Marketing is responsible for all of our external outreach including advertising, social media, partnerships, sponsorships, and more.


All monetary matters, including company finances, regulatory compliance, and processing routine transactions is handled by the Finance team. Ryan Berger is the primary contributor on this team, under the direction of Jonathan Williamson.


Everything visual from branding to marketing assets to documentation and more are under the purview of our Design department which is lead by Kyle Unzicker.